9/22/2023 - After 14 years (and 22 years since I made this program), I made some updates and had to find my original program at Wayback Machine (thank you to them for archiving), since I lost the source code and the executable. I have now uploaded it to my google drive and posted a link. Enjoy!

12/08/2009 - After 8 years made some updates and uploaded the zip file to a new file sharing site. Also updated my email contact info.

12/14/2001 - Purchased a service, from a real web service, that allowed storage of zip files, and other non-web related files, so I have updated the zip file links for downloading maniac

6/15/2001 - A special thanks to John Zielinski, for informing of an issue - It appears that I forgot to list the file MSCOMCTL.OCX within the Setup.lst file (even though the actual ocx file is in the package). If you have a problem running the program, then please download the updated Setup.lst file, and replace the one in the temporary directory where you unzipped the installation files, and reinstall the game, for proper functionality. Please note that this might not be a problem for most computers, since many VB-based programs use this file, so you might have the file, and Maniac will work perfectly, if you do. Anyhow, I have updated the installation files, so if you downloaded the game after this date, then you should not have any problems.

6/10/2001 - I forgot to include, the file VB6STKIT.DLL in the installation package... actually, this file is not required my game at all! but it seems that Microsoft's Setup1.exe, that actually installs the game requires that file, so I have included it today, and I am sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused and I am looking at third-party installation programs, so as to reduce the file size, even further use a single exe file to install the whole thing. If you are one of the people, who downloaded the program on 6/9/2001, then please download VB6STKIT.DLL (that is if the installation program, did not work), and copy into your Windows\System directory...and sorry for any inconvenience.

6/9/2001 - A significant change has been made to Maniac - all use of the Access database has been removed, and now Maniac only uses five simple delimited ASCII data-files, which are read and parsed - so there is no overhead involved (such as using a bunch of unwanted DLLs for simple data-access). The ASCII files, may be edited through a simple text editor, provided the person editing it, knows the exact format the program works by. Therefore, Maniac is now compatible with Windows 95, Windows 95 osr2, Windows 98, Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000!!!! - and the file size has been further reduced to 3.31 MB.

6/1/2001 - Maniac is BACK!!! - now with a stable link and it is even better - the zip file size has been reduced to 4.21 MB !!! - well, it appears that the Visual Studio packaging tool, includes unwanted dlls, and I have carefully tested Maniac on a newly-installed Win98 system, and have only included the required dll and ocx files - which makes the final zip file, a mere 4.21 MB !!!

One more thing - Maniac now supports Internet Games!!! - you can play any of the available variants with anyone on the Internet, provided the other person also has Maniac. Also, note that I am always online, and you can play with me at (contact me first through ICQ 823888). And one more thing - Maniac version 1.1, also supports 'En-Passant', so you can now play a legal game of FIDE-Chess with Maniac!


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