I will add links to other's pages, provided that they add one to mine.

Chess Links

Chess variants page - This is one of the best pages out there for chess variants - actually it is the only page for chess variants and all the info I acquired for Maniac is from this page.

ChessV Universal Chess Program - This is one of the best Chess engines I found that plays multiple variants (much better than my Maniac)

FreeWareGamer.Com | FreeWare Games for Windows - FreeWare Gamer lists literally hundreds of fantastic, FREEWARE Games for Windows 95, Windows, 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT4. Note: These are genuine FREEWARE games and NOT demos or shareware.

Computer Chess Programming - An excellent site on Chess programming, and also contains plenty of links to other chess-programming-related sites as well.

Internetowe Centrum Szachowe - This is an excellent site, with a vast collection of different chess programs. Please note that this site is not in English, but it is not that difficult to navigate and download the programs (within the site, click on 'Programy szachowe' under 'Archiwum').

Non-Chess Links

TrekNation.com - One of the best star trek sites out there - and you can find all Trek news, rumours, computer games and all Trek-happenings from this one site alone!

PsiPhi - A great Star Trek site for Trek books - contains a lot of info on Trek Books, and on the new book-based Trek-series Star Trek: New Frontier

SlipStreamWeb.com - Also by the same people who run TrekNation, but this site is for the new Trek-like series, Andromeda.



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