Welcome to my page...You may download the freeware chess program M.A.N.I.A.C (named after the first computer, to ever play chess) from this page. This, started of as a project for a VB course, that I was taking in college and eventually become a full-fledged senior project. The program is written in VB, and it's strongest points are it's graphical interface and it's highly unorthodox play of the game. It allows the play of multiple variants (even play them online), and you may also add your own chess variant. You may also setup multiple personalities to play with. The program, is contained in a 3.31 MB zip file, which contains all the required dll files including the VB runtime files.


This program requires Windows 95 or higher .Send comments and suggestions, to subra.nagappan@gmail.com.

This program is distributed as freeware and may be freely distributed with all its accompanying files.

Maniac will run on newer operating systems (I just recently tried it on Windows 2003 and XP) but if it asks you to update any files that are newer on your system - say YES to keep current file (i.e to retain the file on your system and not replace with an older one).

Click here to download Maniac 1.11(3.36 MB zip file)

Please note: This is a free file sharing website, so they will have you see an ad and wait a few seconds prior to download. Thank you for your patience in waiting to download Maniac.

Click here for Maniac screenshots

Click here to view a simple tutorial on using Maniac to play online games

Please note that, the documentation for the program, is actually the paper I submitted for my senior project, so it will contain added info on the program's inner working, and the HTML version was actually converted from the word version - so the layout might not be appropriate, since the word version was originally intended to be a 40-page paper. Link to the HTML version of the paper is not available at present. Please check back later, and I will be posting it very soon. The program is very user-friendly and self-explanatory in usage, so additional documentation is optional and not necessary for basic usage. Do see the previous link to setup online play with others on the Internet or within the same Intranet.


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